At it’s core, this blog is all about providing a platform for authentic reason and effective conversation. That can take many forms, however, and here it will.  (Want more information on that? Check out my introductory post.)

Don’t let that fool you, though. Like that of any other twentysomething, this blog is the home of a variety of posts, thoughts, and humor as scattered and quirky as the author herself. (Hint: that’s me.)

Speaking of, I wrote a bio in third person so it would sound more professional. Here’s a little bit to help introduce myself:

Forest Hempen is a hopeful and energetic young woman with an odd (and sometimes offensive) sense of humor. She is absolutely in love with the Catholic Church, theology in general, her crazy life, her unique vocation, and her boss of a God. She is a fan of BBC’s Sherlock, an obsessor of Lord of the Rings, a seeker of knowledge and–most of all–a flawed and beautifully broken human being.


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