Why I’m Not So Quick to Reject the Locutions to the World

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Beginning on December 10, 2010, a Pennsylvanian soul allegedly began receiving locutions from Mary and Jesus that were intended for the entire world. The soul’s spiritual director at the time, Monsignor John Esseff—a man with quite the spiritual credentials, having learned under Padre Pio as his spiritual director and having directed Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta—discerned and disseminated the messages via the website Locutions.org, calling them simply “Locutions to the World.” (Here abbreviated LTTW.)

Then, rather abruptly, in late September 2015, the website went under construction and then disappeared altogether, with only two sentences left in its wake: “Locutions is no more. So long and take care.”

Those who had been reading the locutions—including myself—were caught off guard. After five very consistent years of weekly updates to the website (minus a small hiccup a few years prior), suddenly it was almost as if the messages never existed.

So what happened?

Directly before the website was taken down, Mary allegedly began predicting events that would take place during the Papal visit to the United States. There were some pretty significant details outlined in those locutions which, thus far, have not appeared to come to pass.

Within days, the website disappeared.

People immediately tried to contact the volunteer group responsible for posting the locutions via the “Locutions to the World” Facebook page, asking when the website would be fixed. Initially, responses came quickly and promised things such as, “We’re not sure when, but we hope it to be soon!” Since then, the LTTW account has been silent and to my understanding—although I personally haven’t made any recent attempts—private messages all but ceased.

Equally as immediately, however, posts, comments and blogs popped up, calling the LTTW locutionist a “false prophet,” with scathing critiques of alleged revelations that had been either ignored or treated relatively well for nearly five years.

I understand the letdown and even the defensive anger and fear. I understand that private revelation is risky business and a highly opinionated topic. I understand that things don’t look good for LTTW right now.

But I’m not abandoning hope just yet.

There are a number of reasons, but allow me to explain three of them.

To label all LTTWs false—with such limited evidence—is impulsive and logically fallacious.

When I was first introduced to the LTTW, I was very suspicious. I carefully discerned the messages for more than two years. Even after privately accepting them as real, I continued to pay close attention to make sure they continued to be real.

I will admit that this seeming discrepancy between what has been predicted and what has actually happened is alarming, and it has put me back in full-blown discernment mode. Why discernment mode? Because—at this point in time—outright rejection is unreasonable.

First of all, the final locutions only seem to be inaccurate. The financial collapse allegedly predicted by Mary wouldn’t necessarily have occurred overnight. There may be a moment at which collapse becomes evident to the public, but that is not necessarily the moment of the pivotal events, nor the moment of the actual collapse.

That is not necessarily to say that the collapse is still on its way—I cannot pretend to know that. But it’s unreasonable to say that because we didn’t hear about it the event didn’t happen. Further, we cannot eliminate the possibility that we misunderstood or misinterpreted the messages and thus spent the duration of the Pope’s visit “looking the wrong direction,” so to speak.

Secondly, even if the final locutions were incorrect, the remainder of the locutions still hold (or lack) merit on their own accord. The validity of the later locutions is not dependent on the previous locutions, nor vice versa.

While the possibility of messages with inconsistent validity are reason for great caution, it does not logically follow that no validity is contained therein. This calls for painstakingly careful discernment. Ideally, such problems would be dealt with by the locutionist’s spiritual director before they ever reach public ears—a point I’ll tackle in a bit. However, since these locutions are already available to the public, discernment falls on the shoulders of the public.

Those willing to carefully discern the messages should do so. Those unable, unwilling, or uneasy should simply ignore the locutions altogether—after all, private revelation can be rejected unless endorsed by the Church. However, those unable, unwilling, or uneasy should not immediately criticize LTTW as “false prophecies.” Without discernment, such accusations amount to defamation.

Monsignor John Esseff personally endorsed LTTW for a fair amount of time.

This point does not prove the validity of the locutions, but it makes their validity more likely.

Allow me to explain.

Msgr. Esseff is a diocesan priest in Pennsylvania with some incredible theological credentials, as mentioned earlier. The well-respected priest received spiritual direction from Padre Pio, himself acted as spiritual director for Blessed Mother Teresa and her community, in addition to his own accomplishments and winning reputation.

Msgr. Esseff was—for some time—the spiritual director of the locutionist. He originally published a letter on the website explaining his connection to the locutionist and assuring readers of his careful discernment of the validity of each message.

All accounts point to a few basic facts:

  • The locutions were originally intended simply for the community in which the soul lived.
  • In 2010, Mary allegedly told the locutionist to begin publishing the messages for the world to see.
  • Esseff constructed Locutions.org for this purpose, which was served for approximately 5 years.
  • Sometime in 2014, Msgr. Esseff disassociated himself with LTTW, allegedly going so far as to recruit the help of a lawyer to remove his name from the website.

Until the point of alleged disassociation, the LTTW had some pretty substantial backing. To my knowledge, Msgr. Esseff has not issued any kind of a statement regarding his reasons for taking his name off of the website, but it’s fair to assume that it likely had something to do with the integrity or authenticity of the messages contained therein. It’s also fair to assume, therefore, that prior to his disassociation, he approved of the locutions shared on the website. Thus we can conclude with reasonable certainty that Msgr. Essef disapproved of the most recent messages, but approved of the ones issued before his disassociation.

This means that the former should be considered with scrutiny, but the latter should be considered with even more scrutiny. Note that this does not mean that everything the locutionist has ever revealed is absolute nonsense. Instead, we must distinguish between messages and weigh each according to its own merit. Sound like a lot of work? Welcome to the world of actual discernment, thorough research, and authentic consideration—something unheard of in most corners of the Internet.

We must also consider that it is entirely possible that—during the time of his association with LTTW—Msgr. Esseff, being human, could have made mistakes in his discernment of the (in)authentic nature of his advisee’s revelations. However, acknowledgement of human flaws does not in any way eliminate the reality that the clergyman’s discernment was likely Spirit-led over all, thus yielding real fruits at least part of the time.

The locutions appear to uphold Church teaching.

I can’t claim to have read all of the locutions, but I followed for three of the five years that the website was active. In that time, I found little (if anything) that contradicted Church teaching.

One of the main indicators of a “false prophet” is a disregard for things the Church—through the guidance of the Holy Spirit—has already established as true, good, or revealed by God. There may be other reasons to doubt the locutions (which we’ve discussed above), but disregard for Church teaching simply isn’t one; at least, not as far as I’ve seen.

In fact, the LTTW’s compliance with the rest of Christianity (or, more specifically, Catholicism) is, if anything, a point of merit. No, it doesn’t necessitate authenticity, and careful discernment is still critical. But such consistency is definitely an indicator that we’re looking at something benign at worst, and at best, really, really cool.


16 thoughts on “Why I’m Not So Quick to Reject the Locutions to the World

  1. Thank you, I found your thought and reflection very interesting. I see it similarly but had not ‘analyzed’ it as thoughtfully as you have. I would expect Msgr Essef has not acted alone in his discernment and actions. It is very likely he has worked with and followed counsel from Church authorities – I’m sure he would do such a thing, in obedience. The fact that the Church authorities have not pronounced anything (that I am aware of) on these Locutions, also means a lot. They usually don’t have a problem letting their flock know if they are being mislead and need to be protected. This could be a time of testing and waiting too? I don’t consider it over, until it’s over. Again, thank you.


  2. The “locutionist” was not in PA while her spiritual advisor, Msgr. Esseff, was. You will notice that no bishop in PA has authoritatively spoken out against the locutionist as the authority over her. The only one inquired of is the one with jurisdiction over Msgr Esseff and that bishop through his chancery office has only said that the locutionist wasn’t in his jurisdiction so he couldn’t speak about her and acted to just stop the questions to the chancery office as well as to Msgr. E. Msgr Esseff still backs the locutionist 110%. The locutions are still coming and when conditions are open to present them to the public they are said to do so. There are conditions of several sorts that prevent them from doing so currently. There were threats against the locutionist which even Church authorities of course were/are concerned about.

    The knee jerk reaction to the more detailed messages of 9/15 prevented a fuller discernment of what also came at the same time….and that was the one which stated that such revelation of the truth about the economy “should” have occurred…..as heaven wished….but that those in “authority” would once again keep the truth of such conditions hidden and that that would only cause more serious problems to grow. This was spelled out as “human interference”. And everyone witnessed that occurring via the two public statements made by Janet Yellen, one of which where she couldn’t even finish but almost fainted and had to end her statement. She is certainly controlled by such “human interference” in just what she would say, while knowing the truth behind the state of the economy at the time.

    In other apparitions, esp. like Fatima, heaven also outlined what should happen and early on, while the Church has interfered and not complied to fulfill what was specifically requested in order to prevent the horrors that the world currently is witnessing. There was also a specific date given at Fatima for another apparition to occur where unfortunately the local authorities interfered, kidnapping the children. Still the public gathered expecting this apparition to occur as promised but were disappointed. Then our Lady had to appear to the children somewhere else and at a different time which then the faithful lost out on.


  3. I read the Locutions for several years routinely with my wife. After the website stopped, we had time to think more about what was communicated there. I found much to be fairly accurate. Oddly, the week the Pope came to America, the U.S. markets did have a 4-5% correction. Not quite the collapse that had been predicted. Since last year, we have seen society get closer and closer to anarchy, “collapse”, far more violence and even incidental deaths while the trannies shake their booties in greater numbers. Yes, things are starting to heat up in the world now. Could be a challenging and tough 14 months and more.


  4. Those locutions led to a great spiritual renewal in my life. Unfortunately, more than one prophecy appears not to have been accurate. Rather, they seemed to play on human emotion at the time. Examples include the predictions that: Iraq would fall to the terrorists; Russia would military threaten Poland and other nearby countries; Iran would quickly go nuclear after the treaty was signed; the Pope would consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart in 2016; the latter half of 2015 would be a time of great turmoil that would help lead the world to recognize the need for the consecration in 2016; after the US pulled out of the war, “the bowels of Afghanistan would spill out into Pakistan” and Pakistan would fall and its nuclear weapons would be in the hands of terrorists; at the time of the Arab Spring a prediction that Egypt would be the source of much turmoil, something the locutions stopped talking about entirely; and I distinctly recall one or more Dec 2014 – Jan 2015 statement(s) that the tribulations had begun. Instead of all this, we’re essentially in stasis. It’s almost as if the devil used the locutions to tell us what he intended to do but his plan was thwarted. I wonder if the devil played on our human desire “to know what others don’t” and used the locutions to discredit other, authentic private revelations like Medjugorje or others. If the first secret of Medjugorje were to be revealed tomorrow, the spectacular failure of Locutions to the World would render me much more hesitant to point to it. If that failed too, I would lose all credibility with my unbelieving friends.

    I hope there is some explanation for all this and remain saddened that Locutions to the World appear to be inauthentic. I would dearly love to know heaven’s plan and miss that incredibly personal interaction with Our Lady. But alas…


  5. These most realistic messages outlined what Heaven’s Will IS for us (why Mary said these things “SHOULD take place now” or else
    “things would get worse” than they are) VS having to adjust that plan to the (now recognized) interference of the human will through Church and Civil authorities….just as had to happen in Fatima, Lourdes, Akita, and elsewhere. I never saw where this Pope was written in stone re: the Consecration more than any previous Pope had also disappointed the Divine Will by allowing the facts of the day in the geo-political situation at the time interfere with Mary’s specified requests at Fatima. Even the one most expected to accomplish this fully, the Totus Tuus Pope, was witnessed by Fr. Amorth himself who set this Consecration up, to ask 3 times IF he could say Russia but was influenced by the “political” authorities present at the time to not do so….due to political and religious considerations with Orthodox Church and Soviet Union agreement made prior to Vat II, at the time.

    If people think Poland and/or the Baltic states have no current reason to fear a horrendous attack from Russia I have a bridge to sell them. This could come at any moment. And one can actually say we remain “in stasis”? Really? Nature itself (including what is occurring in the Cosmos) is saying anything but that. Garabandal as well orders that Russian Communism will invade Europe right after the Pope visits Moscow and that those actions must occur before the Warning. Now then…on the ground reality:

    “VLADIMIR SHOOTIN’ RUSSIAN PRESIDENT …. is gearing up for atomic war with the West by building top-secret nuclear shelters, security experts fear”

    “Western security chiefs fear Russian president Vladimir Putin is putting in place preparations for war with NatoSatellite images have revealed a giant nuclear bunker facility in Russia’s remote Ural mountains region
    Mr. Putin has ordered the building of a 400-square mile facility in the remote wastes of the Ural mountains from where any future conflict could be directed.
    Satellite images reveal the location of the huge centre near Mount Yamantau.
    And the nuclear power is in the process of building the world’s most powerful nuke – the Satan-2.
    The deadly warhead is believed to be big enough to destroy an area the size of France.
    An Il-80 command aircraft would allow Russian defence chiefs to command the nation from 40,000ft in the the air.
    Russia currently has the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear weapons – and security chiefs fear Putin is prepared to use themRussia reveals hypersonic stealth bomber that can launch nuclear attacks from space
    Russia already holds the world’s biggest arsenal of nuclear weapons – around 7,300 warheads.
    Some of those have been placed at the very extreme of its eastern coast – just 5o miles from US territory in Alaska.
    The Doomsday Clock – a means of measuring the likelihood of war – puts the current time at 23.57, with all-out war being 00:00.
    It represents the closest the clock has come to midnight since 1984 and before that the early-1950s.
    Should war break out, the Russians plan to conduct the first phases of a conflict from the high-tech Ilyushin Il-80 jet, experts believe.”



    • Mirrose: I appreciate your reply and your thoughts. It is true that Our Lady can make predictions that depend on human actions, but she does so with that qualification (e.g., “If mankind does not return to God, then….”) What separates LTTW from other authentic ones is that some very specific and non-qualified predictions have failed. This includes the unqualified statement that an economic collapse would occur while the pope was visiting the U.S. As I recall, one of the lady’s very last statements essentially mocked Satan for bringing the collapse about too soon to do the lasting damage he intended. I have often wondered since whether that wasn’t Satan’s way of mocking us: he was saying, “I know what I’m doing and when to cause the collapse and will do it at the very worst possible time for you.”

      Two other related and repeat predictions were that the locutions would grow in importance and eventually be taken seriously by the church, and that they would not be extinguished and come every day as we go through the tribulations. Instead, they disappeared and all we are left with is speculation about them. She also said around Nov 2014 that the tribulations would last about 18 months. In Jan 2015, she said they had started. We’re now past that period of time.

      When I said we are “stasis”, I meant that we appear to be in a time that is qualitatively and quantitatively indistinguishable from when the tribulations supposedly started. Today, as in Jan 2015, things are growing slowly and progressively worse in a spiritual sense. But unlike in Jan 2015, ISIS is on the run. This is also contrary to the Special Locution that said terrorism would overtake the Middle East and Europe. In fact, I recall her saying that Western Europe would “succumb” to terrorism in the latter half of 2015 and the U.S. would succumb in the first half of 2016. Neither event occurred.

      I don’t think Russia building a facility to protect against nuclear war is a surprise and I suspect the US already has such facilities. Fundamentally, LTTW played on emotions and has made far too many predictions that were useless or flat out wrong. They were also extremely accurate about things that could be observed and then reported on later in the press to appear to have been prophecies. LTTW continue to fascinate, but they also taught me to be more cautious about private revelations in the future.


      • We will just have to say then, Michael, that we take a very different approach to discernment in general, and then pointedly in this case of LTTW. As Msgr Esseff said..one must look at the whole, including the interference of man’s free will which was known and expected while not desired by the greater Plan, always respected by Heaven. Someone gifted in discernment and has been in discussion with Msgr E sees these events as actually baiting Satan by the Woman Clothed with the Sun. Satan, via his minions in those reps that also had to immediately take to the stages granted to the Pope while in U.S., just as Mary had said….they couldn’t allow the Pope to have the world’s center stage alone….mistakenly felt their supposed “edge”. And Obama accommodated such servants of Satan as Russia and China all in the mix during that most interesting visit. Therefore, just as it appeared that Christ Himself willingly handed Himself over to Satan…to the chagrin of His Apostles….it led the evil one to believe that His goal was achieved, just as in this time now, via the Mother, who used all of this to bait Satan again into thinking that he now has all the time in the world to take care of every goal, without opposition, but who then will have such plans greatly shortened. As she said from the very beginning….these locutions will be like none before….so from that instruction one cannot in truth use what has come before for different times and purposes as any comparison to these in the now. Great foundational mistake in doing so which only mars any human conclusion. And if one wished to pay attention to the entirety, one would recognize that our Lady indeed did qualify even that one portion that every one got stuck on and reacted to alone….that indeed was a test. (CAPS below my emphasis).

        Sep. 23, 2015…”This is my moment. As the forces of evil crash in upon the world events, all WILL see what my words have described.These events come from hell’s infernal powers and from fires that mankind has allowed to burn freely. Years ago, I spoke of the fires of Syria, that they would not be extinguished and would overflow, totally disrupting the Middle East. All of this HAS taken place.

        “Now, I return to the OTHER infernal fire, burning strongly BENEATH the surface, the infernal fire of ECONOMIC weaknesses that have proliferated. This, too, waits only for Satan’s pernicious moment, when he turns the world’s attention to himself and to his plans of destruction.

        “This is too TEMPTING for Satan. He, foolishly, MOVES UP his timetable, when REALLY he should wait a while longer. He WILL NOT ALLOW Pope Francis to have the world stage all to himself. Satan will want to crash the party, reveal his powers and announce his presence.”

        Taking the bait:

        “O foolish Satan, you do not know how the Almighty God is USING YOU to bring about His plan. This only SEEMS to be your moment, when REALLY this is MY moment. I need say no more.”

        and, still, what is yet to come:

        Sep. 24, 2015:

        ….”Will I be silent now? Should I put away this little instrument that has helped so many? Shall I set it aside, as if I can discard what is so close to my heart? ….. No, I will not be silent. (and She hasn’t been….the locutions continue under Msgr. E’s continued spiritual guidance) Instead, my voice shall pierce heaven’s secrets and the thoughts of my heart, held back until now, will BEGIN to flow.”

        ..”From now on, heaven itself will control the Church. The Church will set aside any worldly thinking, any compromise with worldly methods even those that seemingly advance the gospel. The Church will walk ONLY ON HEAVEN’S ROAD because NO OTHER ROAD will lead to my Immaculate Heart.”

        And this too is happening….while man’s interference within the Church causes daily confusion to the faithful and the underpinnings for schism are stirred up…..the Faithful now look more and more to heaven for guidance within. It’s all happening and is quite obvious.

        But most of all….what explained the difference between what Heaven said SHOULD happen IF those in authority did not interfere with continuing to mask the reality:

        Sep. 20, 2015:
        “Constantly the timetable has been pushed back. The RECKONING HAS BEEN DELAYED BY THE CLEVER SCHEMING OF THOSE WHO DO NOT WANT THE TRUTH TO COME TO LIGHT. This has only multiplied the problems and complicated the solutions.

        “It is BEST for the dam to break NOW RATHER THAN LATER. The greater the delay, the greater the harm. So, it must happen now while there is still time because the economy is not the only ill facing mankind.”

        We were told heaven’s Divine Will…..that there should no longer be the delay and things must happen now or else greater harm will come to the world. Still there was the understanding of the always present probability that human authority would interfere with that advice….which did occur with that week’s pronouncement by the Fed’s Janet Yellin who obviously knew what the real foundations were and who fainted with that knowledge and understanding, and what she was ordered to do by those over her..continue to cover things up. Twice this happened during that week. And yet all later economic reports spoke to the major shift in this foundation during that week….that “BURNING FIRE OF ECONOMIC WEAKNESS, BURNING STRONGLY BENEATH THE SURFACE”


  6. Mirrose: Thank you again for your insights. We do see things differently on this, but oh how I hope you are right and not me. But I have one question: how do you know that Msr. Essef is still involved with these? There is so much third and fourth hand information, and most of it says that he worked hard to get away from LTTW, that it’s difficult to discern.


    • I have a friend who has spoken with Msgr. E about this….in fact was a speaker at one of his past retreats. Msgr E is 110% behind these….still…..at least from a few months ago per my personal understanding. And is still spiritual director (at least for these) for individual. Yes, a lot of mis info out there. Everyone assumes locutionist is from PA also… I guess because Msgr. E. is. His own Bishop has stated that he has no jurisdiction over locutionist because she is not within his diocese. The alleged individual as I know of is a very holy person, unique and deserving of such a gift. I believe that Msgr only wished to have his name not used as any kind of editor or publicized connection to the published locutions. There was some difficulty in getting this separation and so I heard he was at least having to look into some legal representation to get this accomplished. He was then no longer listed as editor in the later editions. I believe that his own chancery also wanted to end calls, questions and speculations that were coming their way because of his advertised connection….esp. since they did not have jurisdiction over the matter and the disruption within the devotees. So he has his own local authority to obey as far as any further outward connection of him to this matter. It would appear then that things are back on a personal level now.


      • That’s a very interesting development and the explanation for why he wanted to disassociate himself from the public website makes sense too. Once again, I hope your discernment is the accurate one.


  7. At least it’s interesting to return to particular sections of Locutions at this time in the Middle East. This one pertains to the “Fires of Syria”. From 2013?

    1. Introduction
    Special Locution – The Fires of Syria
    Our Lord and Our Lady have begun to speak again about the Middle East unrest. I believe that these words need to be published immediately.
    Monsignor Esseff

    I must speak clearly and quickly. The situation is more than urgent. The fires of Syria will spill over. They can no longer be contained. The leader is too determined. He will never surrender or agree to any compromise, even if he is surrounded by his enemies. Also, he has at his disposal great weapons that he has both stored up and that he constantly receives from outside. Third, his opposition is not a united force. They come from various groups with quite differing goals. Their hearts are not one, nor do all seek the same solution.
    Syria’s leadership remains in power even though many thought that he would topple like the other leaders. He has deepened his foundation and drawn around him those who will be faithful, even if just for fear of their own lives. This is the situation today. What will tomorrow bring? That is why I speak.
    Many see Syria as a contained threat. They lament that there was no concerted action taken in the beginning. However, I am not speaking about the past. It is the future that holds the greatest fire. The destruction in Syria will spill over and will begin to go beyond its borders. The fires will feed on other lands and other peoples. Again, because of the confusion among world leaders, it will become too late to respond. More people will be sacrificed to this demonic evil.
    Even this phase will not be the end, but only a preparation for destruction in that area that no one can imagine. This new destruction will not come immediately but will inevitably happen.

    2. Syria – The Precursor
    Special Locution – The Fires of Syria
    What will I say about Syria? The events have begun and will lead to other more destructive events and., then, to even more destruction. The fuse has been lit and is now burning. Syria is not the place of the great future explosion or of the greatest destruction, but Syria is the precursor of these events. Syria, even with all of its turmoil does not possess the great weapons or the destructive powers possessed by other nations.
    However, its role as precursor should alert everyone that the time before wide scale destruction is very short – far closer than anyone expects. Other leaders see that Syria has survived by using weapons that all the world has banned. In this sense, he is the precursor of later events.
    Israel knows that it is alone and cannot firmly count on anyone. It also knows the precarious state of its own survival. It must plot its own course and its own actions. It cannot wait or hold back. It knows that it will suffer attacks and looks only to minimize the destruction.
    America, oh America, you were to be the source of world peace but you have been so weakened. You have gone astray. You have neither the might nor the will to fulfill the tasks I had in store for you.

    3. Importance of Jordan
    Special Locution – The Fires of Syria
    I hold Israel at the center of my heart. I was born in Israel and the great events of the world’s redemption took place there.
    The ring of protection around Israel is being stripped away and replaced by enemies. Israel’s most important protection is Jordan. I want you to pray for the stability of Jordan. The longer that Jordan remains stable, the safer is Israel and the more the demonic timetable is pushed back.
    If Jordan remains stable, Israel will be able to plan its own defense because everything will not suddenly collapse, leaving no time for self-defense. Jordan’s border with Israel is very important. If Jordan collapses and falls under terrorist control, then Israel’s border can easily be pierced. Attacks from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip will never have the power which an attack from Jordanian territory would have. Jordan is key to Israel’s survival.

    4. Annihilation of the Nations
    Special Locution – The Fires of Syria
    Syria will destabilize the Middle East but it will not be the focal point of the second stage of destruction. Until now, with the civil uprisings, the destruction has been internal to each nation.
    The second step is war between nations. In this war, other countries will inevitably be drawn in. Although seemingly small, no power will be present to prevent this conflict.
    The third stage is the annihilation of some nations as prophesied at Fatima. This will have horrible, unimaginable consequences for the whole world, which will never be the same.
    For 2000 years, Satan has planned this annihilation as his way of claiming back the world that I redeemed by my blood. I do not want this annihilation. That is why my mother has spoken so often and why I am now speaking so clearly. The world must be told that the annihilation of the nations is not far away. If the Church does not want to reveal the truths contained in the Fatima secret, then I will use this little voice to do so.


  8. Anyone still here? Something moved me yesterday to begin rereading the Locutions….and 2011 messages only served to move me to continue….rather amazing inner interest again! Just came to this one, two days before the day when the Consecration of Russia was asked for those 100 years ago….also mentioning that 100 year time period of the mechanism of Satan’s attack against the Church and the world….since the Bolshevik Revolution. That should take place early Nov. And from the 100 years given to Satan within Pope Leo’s vision/dream….after that “no more”! Will then this year be the time as well when She will crush the head of Satan?

    The Importance of 1917
    Mar 22, 2015

    The years go by and no one responds to these forces of evil that lie hidden beneath the events. When Communism fell and the walls came down, everyone believed that the great deliverance had occurred. Instead, evil was just cloaking itself in a new dress, more acceptable to the West. This allowed the evil buried in Russia to enter more deeply into the veins and arteries of the West. A shift was taking place but without any conversion of heart. Putin, the true Stalin so to speak could rise to his power.

    Now, he sits upon his throne, doing whatever he wants, signing treaties and making new alliances. All were deceived. They believed that my prophecies of world peace had been fulfilled. However, anyone with the keen eye of discernment knew that nothing had been fulfilled and that the great moment of confrontation had merely been postponed.

    Now, the scenario is again taking shape but with many changes. The West is embattled, worried about terrorists, burdened with intolerable debts, weakened in faith and corrupted from within. The nations are no longer united by faith.

    Russia emerges in a new form, with its military strengthened and its eyes once again set on becoming a world power, this time seeking new alliances.

    Almost a hundred years ago (July 13, 1917), I first spoke about my request for the Holy Father to consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart. The request has not been heeded and the promised conversion of Russia has not taken place. Weapons cannot defeat Russia and sanctions cannot deter Russia. Only conversion can rip out the evil planted in its heart, sown there by the Bolshevik Revolution (1917) and all that has happened. Look at that year, 1917. See its great importance. Realize that it will soon be 100 years of an evil that has sent its evil roots in every direction and 100 years of my promise that has never been released. In this way, you will understand what is happening.


    Link to them all….easy to review them here:



  9. Thank you for the information, I felt like the Blessed Mother and Jesus where really speaking to us I miss the locutions greatly. I believe in them.


    • Actually from what I learned from a friend of Msgr Esseff who gave talk with him at a retreat the person receiving the messages was not from PA…..that is why Msgr Esseff’s bishop could not make a statement re: her but only an opinion so people would stop the questions coming at that chancellory office…..and why Msgr Esseff had to obey his bishop on this matter. The last I heard was that Msgr E still backed the messenger 100% and believed that the locutions would return sometime after the purification began….when they would get more attention. I think he believes that the misunderstanding of the last messages was due to the influence of the powers of worldly authorities which was alluded to…..as you might remember at the time when Janet Yellen refrained from answering the questions about the state of the economy….and actually collapsed at her talk for this purpose!


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