11 Satisfying Moments for Starbucks Baristas

*Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with Starbucks or any of its franchises. This is an independent article.*

1) When you’re low on milk mid-drink and the amount left in the carton = the exact amount you needed.

meant to do that bowling oops thumb stuck strike

2) Telling customers that Happy Hour is over.

llama sorry not sorry


3) Turning off the lights/locking the door the very moment the clock strikes close.

degrassi and stay out door tie night

4) When the contents of the tea shaker fills the cup exactly.

I meant to do that awkward guy red

5) That rare occasion when something goes wrong and Frappuccinos are temporarily unavailable.

robert downey jr. i aint even mad

6) Getting the Flat White dot EXACTLY right.

That went well gif dark room long blond hair guy

7) Perfectly clean counters.

the matrix morpheus at last stormy night

8) Realizing there’s backup mocha.

office relief phew

9) When a customer gets upset over something petty and they exclaim that they are never coming back.

willy wonka stop dont come back sarcasm white room

10) That beautiful moment before open when everything is totally stocked and perfectly clean.

Scrat acorn collection 1

11) When customers admit that being a barista is a high-stress, often overwhelming job, and you’re rocking it (even when it doesn’t seem like you are).

Tina fey relief phew


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