Day #9 — Tobit 9:1-6

This post is part of a reflective Lenten series, originally published as Facebook posts on my personal account.

Lenten practice, day #9.

Reference: Tobit 9:1-6 (DID YOU NOTICE ITS ONLY 6 VERSES)

As indicated by the enthusiastic capital letters in the line above, Chapter 9 is SUPER short.

The biggest thing that immediately jumped out at me is the change in Tobiah’s maturity as a married man. Before, he was referred to as “the boy” by the narrator, and rarely spoke unless first spoken to.

This chapter opens, however, and immediately Tobiah gives Raphael commands to go meet with Gabael and retrieve the money. The imperative isn’t a foolish one, either–it’s delivered with all the maturity of his father’s commands. He wisely includes in his orders to Raphael that he should bring Gabael back with him that he might be able to join for the wedding feast. He also has not allowed himself to get so lost in the excitement of a new wife that he’s forgotten about his family back home. He voices concern about his father’s health and how worried he will be if they stick around for a 14-day feast.

Of course, Tobiah probably didn’t mature that much in the time of a few hours–it’s a literary device employed to make a point in a short story–but it makes a wonderful comment on the sacrament of marriage and the growth that comes from it.

The second thing that stuck out to me is much smaller: in sending Raphael on a trip to get the money, all 4 of the accompanying servants and Gabael get to meet an angel–and Raphael at that!! Maybe it’s just me, but that’s really, really cool.



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