Day #1 — Tobit 1:1-22

This post is part of a reflective Lenten series, originally published as Facebook posts on my personal account.

Facebook, you’re my Lenten practice. That’s right. I’m going to be reading a bit of Scripture every day, meditating on it (aka “Lectio Divina”) and posting my thoughts here. Sharing faith is hard, and that’s exactly why I’m sharing it on such a public medium. Hopefully we’ll both learn something. Care to join me?

Here we go:

We’ll start first with the book of Tobit–my favorite book of the entire Bible. It reads like a fairy tale and tells the story of complementary, simultaneous miracles brought about by the faithful obedience of my favorite angel, Raphael. (Shout out to my man; you the best, Raphael!)

Reference: Tobit 1:1-22

The first thing that stuck out to me was the title of the first part of Chapter 1. In my translation, it says “Tobit’s Ordeals.” I like the thought that it’s okay to acknowledge problems that confront us. Although each of the listed “ordeals” is ultimately a blessing for Tobit, it’s completely okay to be honest and acknowledge that they’re still ISSUES and can be really annoying or difficult. Just cause it’s good for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.

Secondly, between verses 19 and 22, Tobit finds himself stripped of everything he owns and left only with his wife and son (Anna and Tobiah/Tobias), from whom he is evidentially separated. Interestingly, this only lasts for 40 days before a crazy turn of events results in all being restored to him. That is, he is stripped from something for 40 days, is spiritually challenged, and then experiences the joy of restoration and gratitude for that which he had lost. Sounds strangely like Lent–how appropriate for the first Biblical passage.

Thoughts from anyone else?


One thought on “Day #1 — Tobit 1:1-22

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