5 Starbucks Barista Questions Translated

*Disclaimer: This post is in no way affiliated with Starbucks Coffee Co. or any of its franchises. The opinions expressed here do not reflect those of Starbucks or its affiliates.*

Sometimes, what the barista says isn’t exactly what the barista means. Here are five common questions and what your coffee-serving friend is really trying to say.

“That’s a pour-over, so it will take a few extra minutes. Is that okay?”
—-> “Please don’t make me do that.”

please rain drama intense

“Would you like that over ice?”
—-> “This is the fastest possible way to make your drink.”

lower  your expectations

“Would you like a few more minutes to decide?”
—-> “I’m in the middle of something. Go away or be patient.”

pirates of the caribbean little busy at the moment

“I know the menu’s pretty big. May I help direct you to a drink you might enjoy?”
—->  “Get a move on.”

sebastian little mermaid waiting tapping fingers claws

“We also offer that as a hot drink—would you prefer that?”
—-> “I’d rather steam 7 pitchers of milk than make a Frappuccino right now.”

this is my hell ron swanson


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