Top 4 Reasons You Should Watch This Alternative to 50 Shades

Old fashioned
Old Fashioned
is an independent romantic film awaiting its release on Valentine’s Day, directly alongside cinematic giant 50 Shades of Grey. Believe me, the producers are well aware of the schoolyard fight they just initiated.

Check out this version of their trailer, which states it directly:

You have to admit: this film looks pretty refreshing even WITHOUT comparing it to 50 Shades. In some ways, Old Fashioned is the antithesis of ALL modern romance movies. It’s not wrapped up in political correctness, popularity, sex appeal, or anything else the movie industry seems to value. Instead, the movie is just…honest. It doesn’t sugarcoat, doesn’t romanticize, doesn’t intentionally (or unintentionally) degrade love. It simply is what it is: love is a choice, a challenge, and a joy in which two individuals—souls, even—decide to engage. Love is sacrifice and sacrifice is beautiful. There’s something nice about a film that’s so real about love; It’s kind of like listening to an elderly couple recount their years together. As great as the world of movie magic may be, at the end of the day we live in reality, and reality is the place we call home. It’s great to see a movie straight from home to our hearts.

DISCLAIMER: While I’ve certainly done my research, I haven’t actually seen the movie. I can’t vouch for its acting/screenplay/production/editing/other cinematic quality–perhaps it will be really good, perhaps only mediocre—but I CAN vouch for the morals contained therein. They even acknowledge that God is a critical part of any relationship. (*gasp!* How outlandish!)

I’ve already been over the reasons that 50 Shades theaters should be all but empty during its premiere, so here I’ve listed why you should trade in your hard-earned dollars for a ticket to this film instead.

  1. Take a stand against rape culture.
    Unfamiliar with such terminology? Try here. Familiar and interested in the subject? Check these out.
  2. Protect your own innocence and dignity—even if you don’t think you have any left.
    – Yes, innocence is still a thing.
    – Yes, innocence is a big deal. Because yes, you MATTER! Since you matter, you can bet that your mind and heart matter, too.
    – The way you treat and protect your innocence (that is, the purity of your mind and heart) says something about the way you perceive your own dignity.
    – Innocence isn’t necessarily something once-and-gone. Sure, you can lose innocence but you can also get it back. Remember, God restores all things whether you believe in him or not. When it comes to sexual things, though, for some reason we fall into the trap of thinking that once we mess up, we’re doomed so we may as well keep messing up. But just because a kid stuck his finger in the electrical outlet once doesn’t mean he should do it again, right? That only does MORE damage. As soon as we STOP doing damage we begin to heal. We heal faster when we do things that PROMOTE healing. 50 Shades of Grey is the electrical outlet. Old Fashioned is a path to healing.
  3. The things we expose ourselves to in the media mold our beliefs, expectations, and experiences in real life.
    Which would you rather make real in your life: a deep, selfless, mutual relationship of authentic love, compassion, kindness, and gentleness…or violent psychopathic porn?
  4. They could use our support.
    I hate to admit it, but what we do with our money says a lot about what we believe. 50 Shades of Grey could be the biggest, most widely publicized and successful pornographic film in movie history.

    Or it could be a flop.

    On the flip side, Old Fashioned could be an independent film bravely standing against the odds in an attempt to revive the conversation about authentic love, with isolated success in circles that happen to hear about it (and probably already believe in its message).Or, it could be the underdog tale of the century as it fights to the top of the box office, ensuring that all of America has the chance to witnesses at least ONE authentic love story in a sea of counterfeits.

    As usual, the public has far more power than we realize, and it’s up to us to decide.

Call your local theaters to find showings near you. Get some friends together and show the box office what love really is.

No showings in your area? Make it happen. Believe me, theaters will show whatever will sell. If you have a group and a loud enough voice, they’ll play the film.


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