Things Starbucks Baristas Don’t Say


starbucks logo dont say

Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with Starbucks Coffee Co. in any way.

  1. “Would you like that as a Frappuccino?”
  2. “Small, medium, or large?”
  3. “If you’d like, you could put each drink on a separate transaction that way you can get more stars.”
  4. “I love Happy Hour!”
  5. “We closed 10 minutes ago, but I’ll open back up just for you.”
  6. “No, our [insert drink here] isn’t very good at all.”
  7. “Sure, I can remake your drink as a more expensive one.”
  8. “I love what this apron does to my figure.”
  9. “You can just wait to mention your reward until the end of the transaction.”
  10. “Refreshers are definitely our most popular item.”
  11. “We close in 3 minutes, but we can probably squeeze in these 11 drinks.”
  12. “Frappe.”
  13. “Nobody likes cake pops.”
  14. “I’m sure you can call in sick on a Saturday. Nobody will mind.”
  15. “It’s nice that the manufacturers make such clear distinctions between lid sizes.”
  16. “You can take your Sharpie home with you–we have plenty.”
  17. “Take as many pastries home with you as you’d like!”
  18. “Our Pumpkin Spice syrup is made with all-natural flavors.”
  19. “I don’t really want my free drink today.”
  20. “We have the most delicious chocolate EVER!”
  21. “It doesn’t really matter what number you grind the beans on.”
  22. “All nickels? No problem!”
  23. “It’s okay, mocha is pretty easy to make.”
  24. “The Secret Menu is so underused.”
  25. “I cannot get over how much this latte tastes like real gingerbread!

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