Introduction – What’s in a Blog?

Another blog in a million out there. Another twentysomething spilling her thoughts onto the Internet so they may be forever frozen in their imperfect, incomplete, raw, and messy form–and for what? What’s the point of THIS one? What makes THIS one worth it?

This time, it’s not the theme. It’s the method.

As far as themes go, this blog is far too new to sweep into a themed category just yet. It’s not a business blog, not a ministry blog, not a humor, advice, theological, thought vomit, or political blog. It’s none of them and perhaps all of them at the same time. I’ll have funny stories, quirky daily events, bits of advice, and humorous lists (I love lists), but they’ll be right alongside serious conversation pieces, recent events, and theological realities. The basic plan is to let this site evolve naturally and see where it goes.

Of course, the inevitable result is that all of this will be scattered and messy, hard to define, and generally ambiguous. At least for the time being, that is.

But this blog WILL be set aside for ts method. Reason is the method of this blog.

More than anything else–regardless of what thoughts, prayers, stories, opinions, arguments, theories, and frustrations make their way out of my mind and onto these virtual pages–I want this to be a place of reason. And of dialogue. FULL reason; fair dialogue. Not an unchecked reliance on science, not an unchecked dependence on faith–for the two, together with raw reason make up fully integrated and fully utilized human faculties–but a careful interplay between them both. In true Benedictine form, balance is critical.

That means that I need feedback and I want to hear from you. I want you to hear each other. Although my rather lofty goal is to provide a platform for authentic reason and effective dialogue, it should be clear from the start that I do not claim to be an expert at neither reasoning nor communicating, and that lack of expertise is exactly why such a platform is necessary. I want this to be a place of learning; a place to consider compatible and opposing ideas; a place to properly debate, discuss, and deliberate; and a place where the clamor of a hyper-verbalized world can come to a quiet rest and each issue can be examined as thoughtfully, fully, fairly, and reasonably as possible, one at a time, in an orderly fashion.

Of course, proper execution of all of this will take time.

Collecting my thoughts and organizing them into sentences–pinning them down with commas, periods, and parentheses, chasing down other people’s words and trying to capture them with quotations–all of this will take time.

Editing, praying, proofing, and posting will take time.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, dear reader, reading, comprehending, assessing, and discussing will take time.

If we’re to recover reasonable discourse, we must take a leap of faith from the runaway train of immediacy, brave the impact, and embrace the dirt of reality–the illusions of fast answers, pliable Truth, and emotional invincibility are a fool’s prize.

THAT is the most important step, in the end: that we replace laziness with liveliness (and thus immediacy with patience). All of my posts (unless otherwise noted) are written to be read and considered in their entirety. I encourage you to read them from beginning to end with a critical eye–simultaneously giving the benefit of the doubt to and raising sincere questions of my words at all times. Only then does authentic thinking and learning take place.

Of course, that will take time.

If you don’t have the time to really read, consider, and engage, please don’t pretend to. Immerse yourself when the time allows, or scroll past. After all, lazy conversations are the Devil’s think tank, and I ain’t got time for the Devil’s work here.



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